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Why I will Always Eat Nutrisystem’s Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pizza

Posted on January 14, 2018 in Salad

I usually don’t eat the same kind of foods more than a few times in a week, but Nutrisystem’s Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pizza made me reconsider. This delicacy is one of my favorite foods in my Nutrisystem meal plan that has seen me lose significant weight over the past few weeks. While there are other equally delicious food items in my plan, including some wonderful salads, I will choose the Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pizza any day. Here is why;


This hearty pizza features a golden crust that is topped with delectable tasty chunks of garlic chicken, mozzarella cheese, fire-roasted tomatoes, spinach, real bacon, and a creamy layer of garlic-ranch sauce. I had it once for dinner, and I have since kept reordering it. It is so delicious I sometimes eat it for lunch and dinner. It gives me a full feeling which is something that has helped me a lot in watching my calorie intake.


There are two major reasons I fell in love with this pizza, the first one being its ingredients. It has five main ingredients which include;

  • A golden crust that is made with whole wheat flour and malted barley flour, yeast, parley, and oregano. There is also 2 percent or less of sugar, soybean oil, salt and potassium chloride in the crust. I like the choice of the ingredients in the crust because, by itself, the crust has well-balanced minerals, carbs, sugars, and protein.
  • Cheese blend. This blend is made with dehydrated garlic and onion, low-fat mozzarella cheese, nonfat milk, vitamin A, cheese cultures, salt, modified cornstarch, oregano, parsley, and various spices. I always prefer foods with very little or no saturated fat and Nutrisystem’s choice of low-fat mozzarella cheese and nonfat milk is a welcome idea for me. I also like the use of spices like garlic and vitamin A in the blend.
  • Chicken. I will always choose lean protein, so the use of a delectable lean chicken breast with soy protein, parsley, spices, and garlic powder seasoning is a great idea.
  • The other ingredients include a garlic ranch sauce that adds a natural flavor, smoke-flavored bacon, tomatoes, and spinach for more vitamins.


The second reason I like this yummy pizza is its nutritional value. Here are the nutrition facts of this hearty meal;

The third reason I like this pizza is because it costs so little, especially with a Nutrisystem coupon.

One serving has just 290 calories with 90 of these coming from fat. This gives me room to enjoy my other favorite delicacies during the day while keeping my calorie intake in check. With only 3g of saturated fat and 0g of trans fat, I don’t have to worry about the health risks of “bad fat.”


The pizza offers me 3g of sugar and 33g of carbohydrates which is enough to provide me with sufficient energy for my workouts. The high protein content, which is at 19g per serving, helps to repair my muscles and tissues after my workouts.


There is 3g of dietary fiber that sees to it that my digestion processes run properly and 460mg of sodium to keep the water-electrolyte balance in my cells in check. The Chicken and Bacon Ranch Pizza also offers me sufficient amount of vitamin A, and C (20% and 15 % respectively). There is also up to 6% of iron which is good for my blood, and 35% of calcium for bone and teeth health.



  • The pizza is very delicious
  • It offers maximum satisfaction making it great for me as it helps me manage my weight.
  • It has great flavors



  • I haven’t noticed any downsides of this food item.


Nutrisystem has perfectly combined a variety of ingredients with a wide range of nutrients while managing to keep the calories and fat in check. This makes it great for me as I try to lose more and I would recommend to anyone who is also trying to manage their weight.